October 2012 Contact Healing Practice:
Preparing, Engaging with the Client, Healing, and Disengaging


The following aspects of preparation take time at first, but with good practice and clear intention, these preparatory stages become so much a part of one’s life that one is able to flow into one’s healing role with ease, with a few minutes of quiet attunement, or by responding as the situation requires.

1. Create a healing environment into which clients are invited:

• a clean room with beauty, carefully chosen colours (where possible)
• a space in which you purify the energy with prayers, candles, incense, meditation etc
• a space which you purify after each client, according to what is needed
• arrange seating for the initial talk with each client
• choose whether you prefer to work with a client sitting or lying down, so arrange a couch and/or cushions and/or a chair

2. Relax and ground oneself, manifest peace

• Breath
• contact with the earth eg lying flat, take oneself though a whole body relaxation, then give all tensions into the earth

3. Know oneself

Check in to the state of one’s body, breath, energy fields, emotions, mind:
bringing awareness to one’s own condition, balancing and harmonizing, eg with:
• Five Elements • 5 Dimensions of Breath • Five Magnetisms
• Does one have access to both jamil and jalil healing energy?

4. Amplify one’s life field to be a vehicle for divine healing eg:

• Remembering that one is a five-pointed star radiating energy and light

5. Align oneself between earth and heavens eg

• Breathing with a vertical attunement: inhaling from the earth and the Base centre, up the subtle spine to the Crown centre and above, opening to the vastness of the cosmos and the light of the heavens. Exhaling, returning to one’s physical state and being rooted in the earth.

6. Clarify one’s intention

Pay attention: do not get attached to any particular outcome of the healing.
‘Use us for the purpose that Thy Wisdom chooseth.’
‘Thy will, not my will.’


These stages may not happen in the same order, and may be overlapping

1. Say the Invocation in your heart or aloud

2. Talking and non-verbal communication with the person:

• Introduce oneself, receive their introduction
• Establish a relationship
• Ask whether they have specific pain, ill-health and needs and listen to their own understanding of their problem
• Explain the healing that you give. Ask permission to give them healing.
• Agree whether they will sit or lie down

3. Invite them into a state of relaxation and opening to healing

• Through your manner, words and breath
• Invite the client to follow you in a guided relaxation
• Ask them to be as open as they are able to be to receive the healing

(in language right for each person)
to open at all levels of their being
to let their ‘higher self’ guide them and infuse them with its wisdom and desire for wholeness
surrendering to the divine power of healing

• If appropriate, you might say a prayer aloud eg ‘We pray for blessing and protection for our healing session here today.’

4. Your healing alignment

• Pray in your heart for protection, blessing and guidance in this healing
• Let your heart open as ‘the Sphere of the Heart’ with compassion and love
• Attune to the being who is the Master in your healing work, who may be: the Messiah, Mary, the Holy Spirit, the Archangel Raphael, the Archangel Gabriel, Murshid, or another great being
• Let the divine healing power flow through you, over-lighting both you and the client with presence, light, intelligence, love and healing power. Your spiritual practice teaches you to discriminate between ego inflation and surrender of personal power into divine Reality.
• Create a healing field: consciously visualize and identify with the unified field of presence in which you and your client are meeting

Simple healing practice

• Scan the fields: soul, heart, mind, emotions, etheric, sensing and scanning the state of the fields you are drawn to, holding your hands there and allow harmony to come through
• Scan the chakras. Sense the balance, texture and colour.
• Alternate between the fields and the chakras
• Breathing the fikr of Shafee – Kafee, direct the healing power through your hands
• Let the healing life flow through you, transmuting the other in resonance, as their being wishes. You may offer a colour, either silently or engaging the client in doing this also


1. Separate your energy fields:

• Make a closing prayer in your heart for the person’s healing to be successful at whatever level their soul needs.
• Close the flow of energy through your hands, eg by bringing them together
• move away physically (this may be a matter of adjusting your posture, or of actual distance)
• focus on the intention to separate energetically, emotionally and mentally
• Give the client a sign of completion, eg touching them gently on the shoulders or speaking gently to them

2. Look after your own integrity

• Cleanse your hands and arms in running water, in a flame, shaking them in the air, by visualizing golden light or a flame
• Check that you have fully released the client
• Check that you are grounded and feel centred
• You may say: ‘I place both feet on the ground, I breathe, I calm myself, I smile.’ (Practice of Chang Kong, nun with Thich Nhat Hanh)
• One may say the prayer Nayaz silently or aloud, for both the client and the healer.