Some of the practices which enhance intuition

1. Awareness

i. Awareness of breath: sit, letting your awareness follow the movement of your breath. ‘No-where to go; nothing to do; just resting in the arms of the One being’.
ii. Awareness of the senses: be aware of seeing, hearing, sensing, rather than of the objects of your senses. This may be with eyes open, walking in nature or with other people
iii. Awareness of being aware: the finer state of being aware of being aware

2. Ya Hadi – Ya Khabir (The Guide – The Inner Awareness)

3. Qasab breath practice

4. Shaghal practice (taught in Seminar 4)

5. Qalbiya – Ruhiya – Sirriya : These are the 3 horizontal centres at the level of the heart out of the 7 centres in the Zikr of the Broom.
With a partner, sit facing each other. Move through the three parts of this practice in turn, perhaps 11 breaths for each part:
i. Qalbiya: the heart of compassion and cosmic consciousness, over the cardiac plexus in the left breast, symbolized by a red rose.
Exhale, reaching out from your Qalbiya to the Qalbiya of your partner. Inhale, receiving the breath from your partner, Qalbiya to Qalbiya.

ii. Ruhiya: the centre of pure spirit, pure intelligence, your angelic nature, over your right breast. Symbolized by a white rose.
Exhale from your Ruhiya to your partner’s Ruhiya. Inhale, receiving the breath from your partner, Ruhiya to Ruhiya.

iii. Sirriya: the secret, the altar of God in the human heart, the dwelling place of the divine spark and the journey into unity with God. Symbolized by the colour emerald.
Exhale from your Sirriya to your partner’s Sirriya. Inhale, receiving the breath from your partner, Sirriya to Sirriya.

6. Ya Quddus : (inhale) Ya Quddus: Angel Spirit calling to Holy Spirit
(exhale) Ya Quddus: Holy Spirit responding, reaching down to Angel Spirit

7. The Master’s Glance – The Healer’s Glance (see notes on Healing Power and Healer’s Glance in this session)