III. Healing: Life, quickening
The channel of divine life,
the pure essence of one’s being

1. Life, quickening
It is through vibration, through motion, that spirit turns into matter.

The human body is a vehicle of the spirit, a completed vehicle which experiences all the different aspects of creation…In reality every object is responsive to the spirit and to the work of the spirit, which is active in all aspects, names and forms of the universe.

Vol II p85

What we call life is an absorption of spirit from matter. As long as the matter is strong and energetic enough to absorb life or spirit from space, it continues to live and move and to be in good condition. When it has lost it grip on the spirit, when it cannot absorb the spirit as it ought to, then it cannot live, for the substance of matter is spirit.

XI.Pt I ch12

The difference between what we call an object and a living being is the difference in the degree of spirit they absorb… There is a constant outpouring of spirit on matter, which is its own substance, and according to the degree to which spirit touches matter, the matter forms into an object or into a being. Thus the difference between the lower creation and the higher creation is that of the degree of the spirit which they are capable of absorbing. There is the same difference between a spiritual person and a material person.


It is not only a matter of existing, but of existing completely, fully. The soul is not dependent upon the eyes to see. It sees more than the physical eyes can see. It is not dependent upon the ears, as it hears more than the ears can hear. Therefore, he who knows spirit receives far greater inspiration from being able to exist independently of the physical body…


The spirit of every thing and of every being is to be found both within and without. Be it a metal, a stone, a fruit, or a flower, everything has its spirit within it, even if it be in a hidden form. This spirit continues to exist even after the object has lost its apparent life. [sandalwood, ashes of pearls, spark in a stone, vacuum in some fruit]

Not many are able to find the spirit in the vacuum, yet in the vacuum a phenomenon can be observed, for instance in the vacuum of an apple is to be found the essence of the whole fruit. It was not, therefore, only imagination when ancient peoples believed in the spirits of trees and plants, in the spirits of mountains and hills.

poss: XI. Pt1.X.I

2. Life and death – spirit and matter
There is a conflict between spirit and matter. The matter absorbs the spirit in order to exist, and the spirit assimilates matter, for it is its own property. The whole of manifestation may thus be regarded as continual conflict between spirit and matter; the spirit developing into matter on the one hand and spirit assimilating matter on the other: the former being called activity and the latter silence, or construction and destruction, or life and death. When one realizes that the source of both spirit and matter is life, then one will see that there is no such thing as death; but this one can only recognize when one knows the distinction between the life which may be called the source and the life which is momentary, the life which matter shows by absorbing spirit.


…life passes away from matter and yet remains; life cannot be destroyed.


3. Renewal
We must realize that there is one life and that it is all spirit; even matter is a passing state of spirit. And spirit is intelligent; it is intelligence itself, besides being powerful and free from death and decay. It is capable of giving its life even to the dense substance which has been made out of itself, and which is matter. Therefore it is beyond words to tell to what an extent the thought, the feeling, and the attitude help one to become cured.

Vol IV p39

4. Training one’s spirit
By looking at one’s spirit one can analyze how all that one says, thinks, and feels acts upon one’s spirit, and also how the spirit reacts. In this way one’s life is analyzed more and more. It seems like churning one’s spirit, and by this churning one brings out the cream of the spirit, and the cream is wisdom…Wherever this perception is, there is living spirit, even if one finds it in a little child.

The mystic therefore trains his spirit; it is the training of his own spirit that enables a man to help those that come to him. The story of Ayaz gives us an example of this. That is the way to tune the spirit: to cleanse it, to purify it, to humble it, to mold it to efface whatever may have clouded it, and to raise it high…We are as great as our spirit, we are as wide as our spirit, we are as low as our spirit, we are as small as our spirit; spirit can make us all that we are.


5. Presence / Healing
One often wonders to what extent the spirit has power over matter; and the answer is that, as matter is the outcome of spirit, spirit has all power over matter…

When we become conscious of spirit, we become conscious of a mighty power hidden; and our spirit is then the expression of the Almighty Power.

VII p139

Our body and mind are a battery of that power, they are made of it, we are that power. The magnetism of a human being is much greater than anything else in the world… When man’s own body, his own spirit, are more radiant that anything else, then there is nothing else that can give him more spirit. He himself is the spirit.

IV p38

The secret of healing is to rise by the power of belief above the limitations of this world of variety, that one may touch, by the power of intelligence the oneness of the whole Being. It is there that one becomes charged with the almighty power, and it is by the power of that attainment that one is able to help oneself and others in their pain and suffering. Verily, spirit has all the power there is.

IV. 41-2


Pir Vilayat’s meditation: Attuning to the Condition of the Holy Spirit.