II. Holy spirit – angel spirit – Gibrael

1. Ruh al-Quddus, Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit, the Ruh al-Quddus, undifferentiated, the uncreated, the Spirit of God.

2. The Angel Spirit
The created spirit of each thing which creates its form is called the Angel Spirit. The created Angel Spirit of each being creates the Form of the being ie the perfection of the Holy Spirit is individualized in each object of the senses or intellect.
Gibrael (the root of his name is Jabbar) is the personification of the Ruh al-Quddus. He is the archetype of humanity and is associated with revelation. So he has the primary position among the angels. Resonance with Gibrael is developed through the awakening of the Ruh latifa (in the right breast).

Pir Zia

The angelic souls who are in direct touch with the spirit of God, and who have no knowledge of the false world which is full of illusion, who live and know not death, whose lives are happiness, whose food is divine light, make around the divine Spirit an aura which is called the highest heaven.

HIK Vol XI pt 3 Mysticism. Aphorisms

In the Night of Power, the luminous core of Malakut descends. It is a night that exemplifies peace, that is peace till the break of dawn – which refers to the dawning of the physical sun which eclipses the angelic sun.

Pir Zia

3. Individual Spirit
The spirit is man’s own being, his real being; the spirit is his knowing faculty, his intelligence. The very intelligence that distinguishes all things is man’s real being.


If one asks whether this spirit which belongs to man, which may be called an individual spirit, is to be found within or without, the answer is: that man himself is the individual spirit. The body is something which the spirit has taken for its use. Therefore just as man is dependent on his vehicle, which one calls the body, for experiencing the outer life, to the same extent or even more is he independent of the outer body in order to exist forever.


Once the soul realizes itself by becoming independent of the body that surrounds it, the soul naturally begins to see in itself the being of the spirit.

XI.Pt1. XIII.2

The human body is a vehicle of the spirit, a completed vehicle which experiences all the different aspects of creation…In reality every object is responsive to the spirit and to the work of the spirit, which is active in all aspects, names and forms of the universe.

Vol II p85

4 . Neither body nor spirit can achieve its full perfection without the other.
The conductor of an orchestra may hear the whole orchestra at the same time, and yet he may want to hear one instrument alone to hear how far it is correct.
It is not enough for us to see and to hear, to feel and to touch all these experiences going on at the same time; we like to experience through every sense singly in order to get a definite experience. That is the nature of spirit.


But this divine Face in each thing is essential to the being of the divine Lord; the ‘Form of God’ belongs to God as a reality constitutive of Himself. It is to this that allude the two hadith: ‘Adam was created after the form of the Compassionate One’, and ‘God created Adam according to his own Form’.2

Corbin Sufism of Ibn A p244

The spirit is living, the spirit is life itself; it only depends upon matter for its experience and not for its life; for the spirit itself is life.


No matter can exist without spirit:

5. Reuniting of Angel Spirit in man with Holy Spirit
Rumi: man has to pass beyond form and enter into meaning to grasp the spirit’s true nature.

Najmuddin Kobra: ‘The Holy [Spirit] [Ghost] in man is a heavenly subtle organ. When the concentrated power of spiritual energy is lavished on him, he is reunited with the Heavens and the Heavens are merged with him. Or rather, Heavens and Spirit are one and the same thing. And this Spirit does not cease to soar, to increase, to grow until it has acquired a nobility higher than the nobility of Heaven.


Ya Ruh er-Ruh (O Spirit of the Spirit): a practice of the Chishtia Sufis
The relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Angel Spirit: as the Angel Spirit calls to the Holy Spirit, so the Holy Spirit descends.
‘Ya Ruh’: head moves from left shoulder to right; ‘er-Ruh’: head from right shoulder to left.
When head is towards right and left extremities: expanding, the Holy Spirit
When head moving between right and left: contracting, spirit gathering in centre of breast.

One may completely cover one’s head with a mantle, to be in darkness.