Passages about the spirit of guidance

Pir Zia said: ‘ We remember that ‘being’ is Light, so all Beings are illuminated souls in so far as they orient themselves to their true nature, the light of lights. The communion between illuminated souls spreads and includes the whole creation in one great communion. The only difference is that the illuminated souls communicate consciously, while the others don’t. That is the difference between heaven and earth.

Pir Zia January 2008 (translated into French and back into English)

No one can concentrate on God, because God is beyond all limitations and any limitation, even goodness, limits God; and for ages people have made this mistake. They have idealized God as goodness. Then for all evil they have had to imagine a Satan, and therefore they have assigned a portion of the dominion to God and a portion to Satan, perhaps a larger portion, for goodness is so little to be found and evil seems to be everywhere.

The Sufi therefore looks upon God as the origin and end of all things, as within and without all things. He may consider it impertinence to say God is in evil, yet he does not exclude one single atom from the being of God. But goodness, which is the form of beauty, the Sufi idealizes in its perfection and personifies it in Rasul, and it is the concentration of Rasul which he holds in his thought.

Man’s whole conduct in life depends upon what he holds in his thought. The thought of the wicked produces in him wickedness, and the thought of the good creates goodness. The love of Rasul, the divine ideal, enables one to concentrate upon this ideal. Since all in the garb of matter are to be separated one day in life, good or wicked, friends or foes, what alone is reliable is the ideal which man creates within himself, call it Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed. It is man’s devotion that creates it, and the man of tradition who fits it, he regards with this ideal. Man is every means justified in doing so, for this is the best manner by which man attains perfection.”

Githas – Muraqaba3 N° 10 Concentration

A question is: how the prophetic soul receives the message of God; in what form. Does the angel Gabriel bring it, as it is said in the scriptures of Ben Israel? Does it come as a voice? Does it come in a form, which is visible? And the answer is, that everything, which has been said about it in the ancient scriptures, has much truth in it, but very often some of the symbolical ideas are misinterpreted by the uninitiated. The idea of Gabriel as a messenger is partly imagination. The real Gabriel is that Spirit of Guidance, which is the soul of the prophets. Its voice is intuition, but to the attentive mind of the prophets this voice is sometimes so distinct that it becomes much louder than what is heard through the ears. For in their hearts a capacity is produced; in other words, their hearts become like domes, which echo every word. The heart of the ordinary person does not give that echo, so the inner voice becomes inaudible to one’s own soul.

Vol IX – 16

The Spirit of Guidance may be called in other words the divine mind; and as the human mind is completed after its coming on earth, so the divine mind is completed after manifestation. In fact, the Creator’s mind is made out of His own creation. The experience of every soul becomes the experience of the divine mind; therefore the divine mind has the knowledge of all beings. It is a storehouse of perfect wisdom. It is the soul of Christ and the spirit of prophecy. Intuition, inspiration, vision, and revelation, all come from the same source whence every kind of revelation comes, and that is the divine minds. In the Spirit of Guidance one finds a living God active in the heart of every person.

Vol IX Pt III Ch: Spirit of Guidance


Warner of coming dangers,
wakener of the world from sleep,
deliverer of the Message of God,
thou art our Savior.
The sun at the dawn of creation,
the light of the whole universe,
the fulfillment of God’s purpose,
thou the life eternal,
we seek refuge in thy loving enfoldment.
Spirit of Guidance, source of all beauty, and creator of harmony; love, lover, and beloved lord, thou art our divine ideal.