Session 3 – Healing with Sound – Reading list

In the book ‘The Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan Volume II’
In Part 1 ‘The Mysticism of Sound’ the following chapters:

The Silent Life

In Part 2 ‘Music’ the following chapters:

The Manifestation of Sound on the Physical Plane
The Effect of Sound on the Physical Body

You can also find all these chapters on-line at
In the left-hand navigation bar, under ‘Spiritual Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan’, click on ‘Texts, Biography, Music’, then you have the choice of all the volumes and you can select Volume II. You will then have all the parts and chapters in a list on the left.

There is at least one other edition, that published by Omega Press called ‘The Music of Life’.  It includes the chapters we are recommending to you but in a different order, and sometimes with a changed title, though if it is changed, the original title we have given in the list above is usually included in brackets. I am not sure whether the chapter ‘The Manifestation of Sound on the Physical Plane’ is included (it may be under a changed title).