Prayer to the Sublime Creator

O You to whom we belong,
you have created us of your own being;
you have fashioned us on your own form,
so that there is nothing within us
that is apart from you,
that is different from your nature.

We are made by you and of you.
This body is your matter.
In our minds are your thoughts.
In our hearts, your feelings;
In our souls, your light.

All of these are yours,
these borrowed robes that we wear.
And who are we underneath these robes?
The robes are yours,
and underneath
who could there be but you?

Let us wear these robes in remembrance.
Let us never forget that we belong to you;
that we live for you and in you.
Let us be true to your colors.
Let us fulfill the purity of the names
with which you have invested us.

Sublime Creator, when we look out on the horizon
may we see you in all colors, in all shapes.
May we know you as the one light
of whom all forms are the reflections
and all colors the refractions:
the one, pure, eternal light
that has always been, will always be, and is
right now shining before our eyes and through our eyes,
as we live, move and have our being in you.