Practices for the base centre
both Muladhara chakra and Kalabiya latifa

Connect with this chakra and its energy through:

the Earth
the colour red
the sense of smell
the sense of the mould, the foundation, the structure of things

Going into nature, walking, gardening
Earth dances

Four practices from Hazrat Inayat Khan for Base chakra and Kalabiya latifa:
1. Earth Breath in Element Purification practice
2. Place the head against the ground, feel the magnetism
3. Practice Zikr with tightened body sitting on ground with legs straight out in front, fists clenched. 
4. Practice of the corpse: lying down without going to sleep:
Fikr: Inhale thinking Allah, exhale thinking Hu
Inhale: visualize the disintegration of the physical body while identifying with the subtle underpinning of the physical body
Hold: experience the subtle body independent of its physical expression endowing the mould with the qualities which represent the horizon of ones unfolding sense of incarnation, fullness, creative
Exhale: the mould gives rise to new expression which is a clearer expression of ones physical body

YA MUID – The divine Restorer
YA MAWJUD – making God a reality in life

1. How do I ground myself?
2. Explore your relationship to the earth
3. What images do you have of the roots, the foundation, of your being?
4. Can you touch in your body and psyche the urge to survive in this body and mind?
5. Find symbols for the qualities of security and stability in your life.
6. Writing, drawing, painting, dancing or singing: Describe yourself as you feel when you are well grounded in your Base Chakra.
7. Emotions: work with the relation of Earth to other emotions:
Earth is often the repository of emotions of other chakras, eg
Air: worry –– Fire: anger, frustration –– Water: emotionally disturbed (water gets heated up) –– Earth: all empties into earth. How does Earth release the emotions and clear the build-up of emotions?

In the Yogic sound sequence for chakras: Lam (‘Lamng’)
Murshid: O (Solar Plexus: ‘eh’; Heart: ‘ah’; Throat: ‘oo’; Third Eye: ‘ee’; Crown: ‘mm’)

Hindu/Tantric practices:
(First work to purify the Ajna centre) Meditation on the nose while clenching and releasing the pelvic muscles.