Part 1

For daily practice

1. Wazaif helpful in healing:
Ya Quddus – Ya Hayy, Ya Muh’yi – Ya Muid
Practice in pairs, taking an individual wazifa then combining it with it pair – for a month. Then the other pair in the same way for a month. In the last month combine them in the Qasab practice that Inger worked with on Tuesday 3.7.12. Also look out for a homework paper on the website.

2. Magnetic passes
Brushing and balancing the etheric energy field. As taught by Noor on 30.7.12, and look out for a homework paper on the website. You may use Murshid’s technique for any living being such as a tree, plant, crystal, and for objects which have life invested in them such as a painting or sculpture. It would be very helpful to do this practice with a person at least once per week. Take time to note what you sense and keep a record in your Healing Diary.

3. Practice sending thought on the breath
This is a development of the practice of directing the breath to a point on the wall: using the wazaif ‘Ya Shafee (inhale) – Ya Kafee (exhale), direct the healing breath to a flower, a tree, a crystal. These may be close by, at many metres’ distance, or beyond sight.

‘The breath is like a swing which has a constant motion, and whatever is put in the swing, swings also with the movement of the breath.’

‘Breath, so to speak, is an electric current that can be attached anywhere; distance makes no difference. A current of breath so established puts the ethereal waves in space into motion, and according to the healer’s magnetic power the space between the healer and the patient becomes filled with a running current of healing power. There is no doubt that spiritual evolution is the first thing necessary; without this the mind power of a healer, however strong, is too feeble for the purpose.’

Both quotations are from Hazrat Inayat Khan

4. A series of practices for each subtle centre
Please take two weeks for each centre. These will be put on the website. The first, given out on a separate sheet at this course, is for the Muladhara chakra and Kalabiya latifa.

For optional continuing practice (when possible)
• Healer Qasab
• Breath of Five-Pointed Star
• Directing breath to a point on the wall
• Five Aspects of Breath
• Breath of Five Magnetisms 

For continuous practice
• Five Element Breath: sensing the presence of the elements in the whole of life, keeping oneself in balance, experiencing their nature for transmutation and healing, working with clients. 

To send to your mentor
We invite you to write (prose or poetry) or paint or draw a response to this question:
What is your experience of chakras and/or lataif in healing?
Sense the unfoldment of your relation to the centres. If you are writing prose, please write between one and two pages. Please email or send your work to your mentor by 15th September. This is not an exam and you will not be ‘marked’ on it. It is to help you to explore this very important issue deeply. We recognize that your experience of it is living and probably constantly changing and acknowledge that what you write or paint will be true just for that time of writing/painting. We thank you for doing this.

Keep a Healing Journal
Keep a notebook specially dedicated to your experiences of all aspects of healing: how you become more aware of healing yourself; noting experiences with your healing practices; healing you receive; healing you give; any item about healing that touches you on the radio, TV, book, newspaper, course or conversation. Try to write in it at least once a week, as short or as long as you wish. This is for your private record, not required for showing as course work.