The Five-pointed Star

Lying flat, start by being aware of your heart beat and find the number of heart beats to each comfortable inhale. Breathe equal number of heart beats for inhale, hold, exhale.

The best time to practise is the early morning. About 5 minutes.

Think the words SHAFEE (inhale) – (hold) – KAFEE (exhale)

Shafee: The Divine Healer, the Source of all healing; Kafee: the All-Sufficient Power of Healing

While inhaling, direct the breath to the part of the body that is to be reached. The breath touches that part on the inhale. Feel the breath reaching this part. Experience the breath as a stream of light moving through your body. It may take weeks or months to be able to do this.

Direct the breath first to the soles of the feet. It may take some weeks to feel this.

In the next period of weeks, direct the breath to the palms of the hands.

Then direct the breath to the forehead.

Then to the solar plexus.

Then one is able to direct the breath to any part of the body which needs healing.