Home Continuation Work Session 1

October 2011 to February 2012

Keep a healing journal: a notebook specially dedicated to your experiences of all aspects of healing: how you become more aware of healing yourself; noting experiences with your healing practices; healing you receive; healing you give; any item about healing that touches you on the radio, TV, book, newspaper, course or conversation. Try to write in it at least once a week, as short or as long as you wish. This is for your private record, not required for showing as course work.

For daily practice:

• Hara breath: meditation, breathing into hara, letting awareness rest in the breath and the hara

Five Element Breaths. To become more able to sense and to transmute energy for healing. At different times of day, sense the state of balance of the Elements in one’s breath and choose the Element breath to bring balance (one doesn’t have to stop whatever else one is doing). If possible, about once per week, sit with another person and sense the balance of Elements in their being.

• Awareness: how do I lose energy in my life? How do I gain energy?

Five Pointed Star. Take the soles of the feet for 4 weeks, then palms for 4 weeks etc. 5 minutes per day maximum.

Advised, to develop the awareness, quality and power of the breath:

Five Aspects of Breath. While breathing a natural breath, place your awareness on the first aspect, depth, for 4 weeks; then length for 4 weeks; Volume for 4 weeks, etc. Finally, if time, combine all 5 aspects.

Recommended at least once per week:

The Breath of Five Magnetisms