Practical details

19th June Conductors Day: Ogrod Harmonii (Garden of Harmony), ul. Przybyszewskiego 13, Krakow
20-22nd June, Retreat: The Polish Open University – Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania, Bartosza Głowackiego 12, Krakow


Friday 15th (10.00am – 6.00pm) to Sunday 17th March, ends 5.00pm. Please arrive by 9.30am on Friday for a prompt start.


Interpretters will translate between English, French, German, Polish and Russian if these are needed.

Other meetings during these days

1. Conductors’ Day – Thursday 19th June, 10.00am-6pm. For all Conductors and trainee Conductors.
Cost: free.
2. Shefayats’ Council – Thursday 19th June 7-8pm (with a shared supper). For the national leaders of the SHO (Shefayats and Coordinators).

Cost of the Retreat (excluding accommodation and food)

Note: Since there are big differences in our currency values between countries in east and west Europe, we are setting 2 rates: for eastern Europe, and for western Europe (Euros, £, SF, Kroner). This is normal practice for international retreats in Poland.

Concessions are always available, from any country; please arrange this with your Shefayat: see Contacts

For Polish and people from eastern Europe:

• All 3 Days: 350 zloty
• per day: 125 zloty

For people from western Europe:

• All 3 days: £135
• per day: £48

Booking and payment: Please see How to Book and send the form to your Shefayat.


You will book your own hotel or hostel room. Find all the details you need, and how to reach the Garden of Harmony from your hotel here. Prices in Poland are lower than in western Europe. Travel is easy and taxis are cheap. Note: Krakow attracts many tourists. You are advised to book as early as possible from January.

Meals: Every day, vegetarian lunches will be provided in the centre at an approximate cost of 30 zlotys (£6.00/ 7.20E) per meal. You can order these on arrival at the Centre. There are no cafes and shops close by.

Comfort: mats, cushions and chairs are provided.