Preparing oneself for healing

Mystics evolve special tools for healing through practice and consciousness, which are not always known to or developed systematically by some other healers.

Each person will ‘customize’ these suggestions and make their own pattern of preparation. Below are the main steps and practices which we have been given. For more detail in some cases, see the paper ‘Contact Healing Practice’ of October 2012.

1. Create a healing environment

• a room which is clean, with beauty, in which you purify the energy
• purify the space after each client

2. Grounding

• Relax, centre in the natural breath
• Earth breath
• Embody the energy of Earth
• Let physical, emotional, mental tensions drain into the Earth

3. Purification

• ‘Know oneself’: bring awareness to your own condition, physical, emotional, mental
• Purification of chakras
• Examine your relationship with the client, checking tendency to projection/transference
• Apply any self-protection practices that may be appropriate, including cancelling the session if you are too depleted
• Healer Qasab

4. Refine and intensify energy, including active and receptive modes, jelal and jemal

• 5 Magnetism Breaths
• 5 Pointed Star: awareness of and enhancing the subtle body
• Directing Breath to the 5 Points: building focus, power and direction in the breath

5. Quality of love and compassion

• Ya Rahman – Ya Rahim
• The 4 Immeasurables

6. Become a pure channel for healing

• Vertical breath: Ya Quddus – Ya Hayy

7. Fill with energy and light

• Ya Nur – Ya Quddus in each chakra, then pouring light out though the whole body
• Ya Nur – Ya Munawir
• The Healer’s Glance: Ya Nur – Ya Alim

8. Direct healing energy through the hands

• Practice of Ya Shafee (inhaling up to Crown) – Ya Kafee (exhaling to heart and out through hands)

9. Clarify one’s intention: Surrender of personal will to divine Reality – ‘Thy will, not my will’. Ask for guidance