Developing power in healing
Concentration / the healer’s glance

Mystically, when we go into the presence of a wounded or sick person, we should think that by our presence alone he will be healed much more than by all the medicines, for they are drugs and we are the living soul, the higher beings. For this healing-power three things are necessary. The first is confidence. If we think, “Perhaps I am a soul, or perhaps not. Perhaps I can have a healing influence, or perhaps not,” then we have no confidence. We have no healing power. The next is purity of life. To be pure in every respect is the greatest strength. From the presence of such a person an influence spreads.

The third thing necessary is concentration. When we go to a wounded person or a sick person all our thoughts should be fixed on him, on the healing. If such thoughts come as: “I must go to the office for such a work, or I must go to the Holborn restaurant for luncheon,” or, “My aunt said she would write a letter, and she has not written,” then we have no concentration and we shall not heal the patient. We must develop the will by concentration.

HIK Healing the Wounded

*Harmonize the mind and the will
The mind which is constantly wandering, which is not under the control of the will, which cannot be made to respond in a moment, which is restless, this mind should be harmonized; it can be harmonized first with the will. When there is harmony between the will and the mind, then the body and mind, thus controlled and harmonized, become one harmonious mechanism working automatically. Merely bringing the mind and body into order allows one’s every faculty to show itself in its fullness, to manifest.

IV p44

Concentration and healing
*The power of concentration is the first thing necessary to develop healing power. The healer must be able to hold steadily the thought for the cure of his patient whenever he requires. Concentration is most difficult, but if this is accomplished, there is nothing that one cannot accomplish. It is useless to try and cure the patient by any process, however successful and good it may be, if there is no power of concentration. The work of the mind in healing is much greater than in anything else, for it is using the power of the mind on matter; and matter, which has been a disobedient slave of the spirit for ages, through the mineral, through the vegetable, and even through the animal kingdom always rebels against being controlled.

*…The concentration of a healer should be so developed that not only when sitting in meditation and closing his eyes can he visualize the desired object, but that even with his eyes open he should be able to hold fast the picture that his mind has created in spite of anything that may be before his eyes. In healing it is necessary to know what picture one should hold in one’s mind. If the healer should happen to hold the picture of a wound, he would help the wound to continue instead of being healed; and so if he thought of pain it might perhaps be continued more intensely by the help of his thought. It is the cure that he should hold in mind; it is the desired thing that he must think about, not the condition.

IV p78 

Healing by the glance
To a healer, therefore, there is no better means than the eyes to send his thought of healing; and there is no better means of receiving this thought in the patient than his eyes. The healer can send the healing power through his glance to the painful part of the body, but it is more helpful still when he sends his power direct to the eyes of the patient. As there is a link between the mind and the eyes of the healer who sends the power, so there is a link between the eyes and the mind of the patient who receives it. Medicine can touch the physical body, but thought can touch the mind, where the root of every disease often is; and a suggestion that a powerful healer gives to his patient reaches his heart and destroys the germ of disease.

The eyes of every person are not capable of healing. It is the penetrating glance and stillness of the eyes, then the power of the glance and ability to aim, that are necessary. These are developed by certain exercises, though some eyes have a natural ability for this purpose. Also, concentration of mind which gives power is necessary in healing, for power of mind directed by the glance brings about a successful result.

IV p83

‘Heal my soul by the all-sufficient power that comes from the glance of Thy Messiah.’

 Gayan 1345

The glance of the seer is penetrating, and in this it differs from the glance of the average man. It has 3 qualities. The first is that it penetrates through the body, mind and soul. The second is that it opens, unlocks and unfolds things; it also possesses the power of seeking and finding. The third quality characteristic of the glance of the seer is more wonderful. It is this: as it falls upon a thing, it makes that thing as it wants to make it. It is not actually creating it, but it is awakening in it a particular quality which was perhaps asleep…..

The first characteristic of the glance of the seer, penetration, depends upon clearness of vision. The second characteristic, the uncovering of objects, depends upon the illumination of the soul. But the third, the greatest, comes from confidence in the self, called iman.

Spiritual Dimensions of Psychology, Sufi Oorder Publications 1981 p 177


1. Wazaif:
Ya Hayy – Ya Alim (The Ever-Living, The Alive – The All-Knowing, the divine Consciousness)
Ya Hayy – Ya Jalil (The Ever-Living, The Alive – The divine Power and Strength)

2. Concentration on a flame, then a name/image at the centre
Concentrate on a flame for 5 minutes
then close the eyes and visualize the flame for 5 minutes
then bring the name or the image of someone who has asked for healing into the centre of the flame, and continue to concentrate on this name/image surrounded by the flame, for 5 minutes.

3. The Master’s Glance, The Healer’s Glance
Inhale thinking NUR (the Light of divine Intelligence)
Hold, allowing consciousness to be resorbed in divine light above the Crown chakra, turning the eyes upwards inside the head and curling the tongue so that the underside of the tip touches the upper palate, without straining.
Exhale, thinking ALIM (the ray of divine Consciousness), directing the glance via the Crown chakra through the Third Eye. The glance is set at infinity. The two physical eyes act as parallel rails for the glance of the Third Eye to travel along.

Start doing the whole practice with eyes closed.

When you are ready for the next stage, open your eyes on the exhale only, keeping the glance set at infinity. Close them again for the inhale and the retention of breath.

The ray of the Third Eye carries the divine programming, the vision of divine wholeness.

The Healer’s Glance
The practice is as the Master’s Glance, but in the attunement of Christ the Messiah, the heart of the world, the world healer
Inhale thinking SHAFEE, hold, exhale thinking KAFEE
Bathe nature around you with this glance, then animals and people.

4. Nazare Inayat
The transmission of grace through the glance, especially through Nazare Inayat, the transmission of loving-kindness, happens when one dedicates one’s glance to God’s own vision. One’s glance is no longer an extension of one’s ego. Instead we are connected with the wholeness of life. We must unlearn our habitual way of looking. (Pir Zia)

Wazaif may be used as fikr: Ya Karim, or Ya Rahim (divine Mercy), or Ya Wadud (the divine Loving-Kindness)

Practise the chosen wazifa. Then the fikr of the wazifa, exhaling the breath and radiating the transmission of generosity and kindness through the eyes, in all situations.

Ya Karim: Al-Karim is fully manifested generosity that reaches everything without exception. It can be found in every particular thing and in everything altogether. Al-Karim bestows endless gifts with full integrity. It is an inexhaustible, bountiful energy that keeps on giving, like a flowing stream of water from a fathomless well. Those who embody al-Karim are generous with whatever they have, whether it actually reaches people or not, or whether others respond or not……[it’s root] means unconditional giving from the inner intention of love.

(from the book Physicians of the Heart)