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February 2013 to July 2013

For weekly practice

1. Wazifa practice for attuning with the Holy spirit

1. Ya Nur – Ya Quddus. The Uncreated Essence, the Sun, the Light of Intelligence – the Created ray of Spirit. The Holy Spirit is both uncreated source and first created ray emanating Life from the source.

2. Ya Ruh er-Ruh, ‘O Spirit of the Spirit’: a practice of the Chishtia
This is about the relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Angel Spirit: as the Angel Spirit calls to the Holy Spirit, so the Holy Spirit descends to meet it.
‘Ya Ruh’: head moves from left shoulder to right; ‘er-Ruh’: head from right shoulder to left.
When head is towards right and left extremities: expanding, reaching up to Holy Spirit
When head is moving between right and left: contracting, spirit gathering in the centre of the breast.
One may completely cover one’s head with a mantle, to be in darkness.

2. Wazifa practice for refining intuition
Ya Hadi – Ya Khabir (The Guide – The Inner Awareness)

3. The Master’s Glance, The Healer’s Glance
Inhale thinking NUR (the Light of divine Intelligence)
Hold, allowing consciousness to be resorbed in divine light above the Crown chakra, turning the eyes upwards inside the head and curling the tongue so that the underside of the tip touches the upper palate, without straining.
Exhale, thinking ALIM (the ray of divine Consciousness), directing the glance via the Crown chakra through the Third Eye. The glance is set at infinity. The two physical eyes act as parallel rails for the glance of the Third Eye to travel along.

Start doing the whole practice with eyes closed.
When you are ready for the next stage, open your eyes on the exhale only, keeping the glance set at infinity. Close them again for the inhale and the retention of breath.

The ray of the Third Eye carries the divine programming, the vision of divine wholeness.

4. The Healer’s Glance
The practice is as the Master’s Glance, but in the attunement of Christ the Messiah, the heart of the world, the world healer
Inhale thinking SHAFEE, hold, exhale thinking KAFEE

Bathe nature around you with this glance, then animals and people.

‘Heal my soul by the all-sufficient power that comes from the glance of Thy Messiah.’ (Gayan 1345).
May be done with the movement of the zikr:
‘Heal my soul’, head rotating from left shoulder to right and up to vertex
‘by the all-sufficient power’, head comes down towards solar plexus
‘that comes from the glance’, head rises and awareness centres in the heart
‘of Thy Messiah’, awareness in the heart, head continues to rise, one is bathed in the Messiah’s glance.

For continuing practice

1. Chakra attunement
Continue working with the new chakras Third Eye and Crown Centre. The guidelines will be sent out to you.

Continue developing your awareness of all your chakras.

2. Full healing practice
Give a full healing treatment to at least 2 people, giving each of these 2 people at least 3 sessions of healing. You may follow the protocol used in this session, but if you are already healing, you may follow the method you already use. Write up each session, briefly or at greater length, identifying the pattern and qualities that you experienced in the energy fields and chakras, at what level and where you worked, and what you experienced while giving the healing; also any feedback given voluntarily by the patient. These notes might be half to a full page, or longer if you wish. Please give this to your mentor by 1st February 2013.

3. Make a healing meditation
Using the meditation practised in this session (Saturday morning), make a healing meditation praying for at least 3 people (to a maximum of 10) at least once every two weeks. If you have your own form of healing meditation, you may use that instead. Conductors may use the SHO Healing Service, doing this in a group or alone at least once per week, and SHO members who attend a Healing Service at least once per week may count that instead.

For optional continuing practice (when possible)
• Five Aspects of Breath
• Breath of Five Magnetisms
• Healer Qasab
• Breath of Five-Pointed Star
• Directing breath to a point on the wall
• Developing magnetism in the hands

For continuous practice
• Five Element Breath: sensing the presence of the elements in the whole of life, keeping oneself in balance, experiencing their nature for transmutation and healing, working with clients.

Send to your mentor
We invite you to write (prose or poetry) or paint or draw a response to this question:

How will I apply what I have learnt in this course in my life and my work?
If you are writing prose, please write between one and two pages. Please email or send your work to your mentor by 15th June 2013.