Magnetic Passes

Attune to a master of healing: Murshid, Christ, Archangel Raphael, Mary, the Black Madonna, Kuan Yin…

Attune with Shafee – Kafee – 11 times
Shafee: on the inhale, the breath rising from the earth energy, the Muladhara centre, up to the Crown centre following the subtle spine.
Hold the breath.
Kafee: on the exhale, the breath and light descend into the heart and through the shoulders and arms to the hands.

Brush the energy : with the right hand, brush the energy (not touching the physical body) from the heart, across the left shoulder, down the arm to the left hand. 3 times.
Do the same with the left hand down the right arm to the right hand.

Gather magnetism in the hands: with soft, wing-like movements of your hands, collect the energy from the air around you in your hands.

‘Diagnosing’ the magnetic (or etheric) body:
Scan the field, sensing it, notice how wide it is
Note the different sensations: heat, cold; empty, full; quality: smooth or rough; density

Harmonize it using the following techniques:
• Clear blocked energy by collecting it in the hands and disposing of it (shaking the hands away from the body with the intention of dispersing and getting rid of the energy)
• Smooth the energy when it is tangled
• Comb the energy with your fingers from above to below
• Return the person’s energy to them
• Draw away energy in spirals from the orifices – but not from the eyes
•With the person standing, brush their aura from top to bottom, as if with wings