Practices for the second centre
both Svadhistana Chakra and Nafsiya Latifa

(to be engaged with in association with the section on this centre on the website)

1. Connect with this chakra and its energy through:
the colour orange (a salmon colour, pink and orange)
the sense of taste
breath – breathe into this centre
your ego and self-image

2. Become more aware of the impulses of the nafs in your being:
1. The nafs al-ammara
Thinking and behaving as if ‘Only I exist’; the survival instinct; physical and/or emotional violence for self-gratification; self-interested separation from others.

2. The nafs al-lawwama
With self-enquiry and self-criticism, seeking moral integrity, harmony, refinement.

3. The nafs al-mutmaina
The tranquil self who lives for the Beloved, the ideal alone.

4. The nafs e-Salima
All parts of the self are integrated, whole, in complete cosmic identity. ‘Renounce renunciation’.

3. Pir Zia’s practice:
Inhale into the Nafsiya. Sherif Baba calls working with the Nafsiya ‘stirring the garbage’. It brings consciousness into our grounded condition.

4. Visualization:
Visualize a turbulent sea and calm it. The tides of the ocean represent the ebb and flow of our own awareness. 

5. Monitor factors in your life-style
Make a healthy balance between work and relaxation. Be conscious of how you use the natural activities of eating, sleeping, sex – how do they affect your whole self?

Bring to awareness aspects of behaviour that you might normally engage in unconsciously, such as ways in which you are motivated in your interactionss with others by a need for power or a reflex of fear.

Monitor your feelings about money.

Appreciate your instinctive, quick psychic sensing eg about what to eat, how to protect yourself, how to enhance your energy, etc

6. Questions
1. What is my soul showing me about how I am using the power which is in me?
2. How do I obstruct this power, this energy? How deep, how far back does the obstruction go?
3. How do I align my power with my earth-root and my soul?
4. Attune to what is the purpose of this power in you.
5. Visualize yourself as you are when the power of this chakra is clear and vibrant:
energy, health, relationships, creativity, overall attunement

7. Meditative exercises
‘Meditation on Svadhishthana Chakra enables the mind to reflect the world as the moon reflects the sun’. One acquires the ability to use creative and sustaining energy to elevate oneself to refined arts and pure relationships with others. ..It also increases personal magnetism, refinement in behaviour, freedom from diseases of the body, and longevity.’ (Harish Johari Chakras p101)

‘He who meditates upon this stainless Lotus is freed immediately from all his enemies such as lust, anger, greed and so forth. He becomes a lord among yogis and is like the sun illuminating the darkness of ignorance.’

With fikr: Hayy: inhale with the image of the half-moon, surrendering oneself, receiving the power of the universe
Qadir (pronounced ‘KAA-dir): exhale, realizing this is the divine universal power which is passing through one as a gift