Sequence to build magnetism in the hands for healing

1. Inhale, letting breath and consciousness rise through the subtle spine from the Base to the Crown centre, from earth magnetism to celestial magnetism, breath and consciousness becoming finer and lighter as they are rise higher.
Hold, focusing in or above your Crown centre, being effortlessly raised into light and finer consciousness.
Exhale, reversing direction, breath and consciousness descending towards the Base chakra

On the inhale, think ‘Shafee’, the divine healer
On the exhale, think ‘Kafee’, the all-sufficient Power of healing
Repeat 11x

2. Continue with the fikr (thinking ‘Shafee’ on the inhale and ‘Kafee’ on the exhale)
Inhale and hold as before.
On the exhale, let breath and consciousness descend to the heart, then radiate out through the arms to the hands
Repeat 11x

3. Without touching your body, brush your right hand, from your left shoulder down to your left hand, sensing the magnetism. 3x
Without touching your body, brush your left hand, from your right shoulder down to your right hand, sensing the magnetism. 3x

Sense the magnetism between your hands, drawing them apart and feeling the resistance as you bring them towards each other.

4. You can apply your hands to any part of your body which needs healing.