Projecting the Breath in the 5 Directions

from Sangitha II p42–4

Sit 2 metres away from a wall, facing the wall.

Breathe through the nose in the pattern of 4-4-4 (equal inhale, hold, exhale)

Practise fikr using any word of power eg YA JALIL or YA QADR.

Project the breath, imagining it as a current of light, force, power, to a point on the wall directly in front of you. Keep your eyes open, but not focusing on details.

Then take a point a foot to the left. Then a foot to the right of the centre point. Then one foot above, then one foot below. The head can turn a little while sending the breath to the different points.

The breath touches the point while exhaling.

Duration of the practice: five to ten minutes.

Murshid’s comments:

Q. Thinking that one sends the breath there?

A. Yes, that is the wonderful part of it, that breath works under the command of will.

Breathe entirely through the nostrils, because that is the natural breath. Through the mouth is a practice which brings about a certain result, but mouth is not meant for breath, only nostrils.

By practising the projecting of the breath as currents of light in five directions, one will be able to develop not only the healing power, but at the same time the inspiring power, the power of helping more and more. And in this way one will be able to communicate mentally with others by the means of breath.

About the wazaif:

Ya Jalil (pronounced yaa ja-LEEL)

Al-Jalil is the omnipresent divine power and strength that manifests into each thing and everything without exception…The incredible force of the divine manifestation that is continuously offered every moment. God is seen in the adamant core of the powerful essence of what is bestowed, and its emanation generously goes into everything and everybody, without exception.

Ya Qadr (or Ya Qadir) (pronounced yaa KAA-dir)

Al-Qadir is the expression of all the purpose and all the strength and will in the universe as one power. Nothing is unconnected from this divine power. Through awakening to it, the traveller in the spiritual path realizes that there is a path and a specific destination. Al-Qadir gives a definite meaning and a real purpose to everything in life.

Al-Qadir also means unlimited capacity, and that every person has that capacity. Such a realization gives you a sense of value, power and spaciousness, as well as a confidence that all things are possible. You are inherently able to receive and contain anything that may come, and to regard it as a divne gift.

The above passages about Ya Jalil and Ya Qadir are taken from ‘Physicians of the Heart’ by Wali Ali Meyer et al., pages 54 and 64.