Home Continuation Work Session 2

1. For daily practice

All these are in handouts for this session and available online at www.sufihealingorder.info

Projecting the Breath in the Five Directions

Directing the breath to points on the wall.
Start by doing this for one minute, increase by one minute each week up to five minutes

Healer Qasab

Sequence to build magnetism in the hands for healing

1st month
Concentration practice
Look at a flower or crystal for one minute then visualize for one minute. During this month, increase to 5 minutes looking and 5 minutes visualizing.

2nd, 3rd and 4th months:
Practice of the 4 Immeasurables

2. For optional practice

Breath of Five-Pointed Star

Concentration in Five Stages

3. FOR Continuous practice (when possible)

Five Element Breath: sensing the presence of the elements in the whole of life, keeping oneself in balance, experiencing their nature for transmutation and healing, working with clients.

Five Aspects of Breath

Breath of Five Magnetisms


We invite you to write (prose or poetry) or paint an expression of your relationship to love and power in healing. If you are writing prose, please write between one and two pages. Please email or send this to your mentor by 1st June. This is not an exam and you will not be ‘marked’ on it. It is to help you to explore this very important issue deeply. We recognize that your experience of it is living and probably constantly changing and acknowledge that what you write or paint will be true just for that time of writing/painting. We thank you for doing this.

5. Keep a healing journal

Keep a notebook specially dedicated to your experiences of all aspects of healing: how you become more aware of healing yourself; noting experiences with your healing practices; healing you receive; healing you give; any item about healing that touches you on the radio, TV, book, newspaper, course or conversation. Try to write in it at least once a week, as short or as long as you wish. This is for your private record, not required for showing as course work.

In this period we encourage you to take a special interest in prayer, both spontaneous and ritual prayers. 

A second subject of observation and exploration could be the interplay between love and power in healing. This has many aspects and some or all of the following questions may be relevant to help you to explore it:

* Consider whether you are more comfortable on the side of love or of power.
* If you are, how has this played out in your personal history?
* Are there archetypes which exemplify your feelings about each?
* Do you have resistances, overt or more hidden, to one side or the other?
* What might these signify?
* How might these enter into your relationship with a client?
* How are you called at this time to develop your healing gifts through love and through power?
* How do you perceive the value of each in healing?
* Does something come to you in a book or paper, a conversation or on the media which stimulates this process in you?