Five Element Breath

Relax, breathing your natural breath. As you do the breath pattern for each element in turn, attune with the cosmic element and experience its qualities within you. Experience the purification of your being on all levels: physical, mental, heart, soul, spirit. 5 breaths for each element, or longer.

Earth: Inhale nose, exhale nose
Qualities: nurturing, solidity.
Movement: spreading horizontally.
Colour: yellow-brown. Sense: touch

Water: Inhale nose, exhale mouth
Qualities: fluidity, purifying, giving life.
Movement: downwards.
Colour: green. Sense: taste

Fire: Inhale mouth, exhale nose.
Qualities: enthusiasm, transmutation.
Movement upward.
Colour: red. Sense: smell

Air: Inhale and exhale mouth
Qualities: freedom, releasing from constructs, cosmic identity.
Movement zig-zag.
Colour: blue. Sense: hearing

Ether: Very fine breath inhaling and exhaling through the nose
Qualities: ’emotion of the soul’. Peace. Unity.
Movement: stillness.
Colour: white. Sense: sight.