Inayati Healing Order International Retreat 2016
(also known as the Sufi Healing Order)

Healing in the universe of vibrations

Retreat: March 11–13th, Conductors Day March 10th, in Suresnes, Paris

2014 SHO Retreat 127

In the very depth of man’s being the harmony of the working of the whole universe is summed up in a perfect music.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

We will seek the foundation of spiritual healing in the mysticism of vibration and sound, realizing how all life emerges from the silent sound, and all things have sound hidden within them. We will deepen subtle awareness of sound and wazaif, drawing on ageless wisdom to refresh our practice. There will be experience of sound healing. The vibrations of the heart will open to us the unity of life and the path of healing our human community.

There will be meditation, silence, prayer, inquiry and sharing, chanting and dance. All in English, French and German.

The retreat brings together IHOI members and healers from all across Europe, east and west, reuniting many who have been attending over the past 30 years and have shared recent retreats in Krakow and Suresnes.

The retreat is led by Sarida Brown, Qalbi Enjabert, Inger Mundt, Rahima van Hattem, Arjunada Vitos, Latifa Weiss, sound healer and Conductor Josine Zon, and other national leaders from many countries.

The experience of our Sufi healing retreats:

Coming together in the attunement of Murshid, Pir Vilayat, Pir Zia and our Sufi family, we find support in facing the realities of our individual and collective lives; our hearts deepen; together we weave a sense of humanity, divine inspiration, creativity and healing. We often carry back into our lives a sense of clarity, connectedness and love – priceless gifts.

The way that has been found, by those who searched after truth, those who sought after God, those who wished to analyse themselves, those who wished to sympathize with life, is one single way; and that is the way of vibrations… They made these physical atoms which had gradually become deadened, live again by the help of sound; they have worked with the power of sound.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

We invite you to join us.