Booking for the retreat

Please book as early as possible – it will help our preparations.
There are two parts to booking:

1. Paying your full fee or deposit first, then:
2. Emailing or posting the Booking Form

1. Paying your fee or deposit:

Payments from Poland: Please pay directly to Azimat Kowalik

Payments from the Baltics: Please make arrangements with Arifa Pabrinkyte
(For contact details for Hayat and Arifa, see list of Shefayats and coordinators)

Payments from the UK: Pay by Skrill as below or post your form with a cheque in £ stirling made out to ‘Sufi Healing Order’ to Hadia Little, 18, Weilerswist Drive, Whitnash, Leamington Spa, CV31 2TD.

Payments from all other countries:

We have found Skrill to be a simple and cheap way to transfer money between currencies: much cheaper than a bank transaction, and cheaper than PayPal.

We have set up a Skrill account to receive your payment. You will need to set up your own Skrill account for paying on-line – or you could use a friend’s Skrill account.

1. Set up your Skrill account

To pay via Skrill you need to set up your own Skrill account, which is free and simple to do: go to and select ‘Get a free account’, then ‘Personal account’. You will be asked to enter your name, your own currency and language, address, phone number, email address and to create your own password. You will be sent an email asking you to verify your email address, with a link back to Skrill and, once you have done that, you have an account.

2. Add your bank account or debit or credit card

Click on ‘Cards and Bank Accounts’. Choose ‘Add Credit or Debit Card’ (a simple procedure), or ‘Add Bank Account’. For ‘Bank Account’ you will give your bank sort code and account number. Skrill will verify your account by making a small transaction into it. After 3 to 5 days, you will find the Skrill credit entry on your bank statement, with a verification code which you enter into your Skrill account. If this automated process for verification is not available in your country, click ‘Help’ on the Skrill home page and follow the instructions under ‘How do I verify my bank account?’.

3. Upload funds

You are now ready to upload funds into your Skrill account: on the home page, click ‘Upload’ and follow directions.

4. Send money to SHOI account

On home page, click ‘Send money’. Enter Hadia’s email address:

(Hadia Vivienne Little is currently treasurer of SHOI). Make sure you select GBP (ie £ stirling) before completing the payment. There is a small % charge for transaction and currency exchange. Details are available through your Skrill account.

5. Notify Hadia

Then send Hadia an email to to tell her you have transferred the money. If your names on your Skrill account and Booking Form are different, make sure you give her both names.

Please do not send a cheque unless it is drawn in £ stirling on a UK bank.
If you pay the deposit, please pay the remainder of your fee in cash in £ stirling or Polish zloty on arrival at the Retreat.

2. Please fill in the Booking Form here

and email or post it to the Shefayat or Coordinator of your country: go to Contacts 

For additional information and help please contact:

The Shefayat or Coordinator of your country: go to Contacts,
Hadia Little in UK, 0044 (0)1926 770074,
Hayat Krzywoblocki in Poland, 0048 12 412 84 68

Note : if you withdraw after registering:
before 19 May the full amount paid will be returned
after 19 May, half the amount paid will be returned, unless the expenses incurred by the organization for running the event are fully covered, in which case a larger proportion may be returned.