2014 Sufi Healing Order International Retreat
Healing creatively in challenging times:
Engaging with Courage

Note change of venue: see Practical details page
Krakow, Poland 20–22 June, also 19 June day for SHO Conductor training
and 23 and 24 June optional guided visit to Krakow

listening deeply in our hearts
feeding the seed of new life, new awareness
how does our heart help to transform trauma into forgiveness and growth?
what healing are we invoking now and for our future?
co-creating new reality with the divine spirit
how can we learn with each other?

In our retreat, we will focus on how the healing light of the spirit in our time is shining through our consciousness, transforming the darker places and bringing new awareness, new hope, new capacity for wholeness both for individuals and groups. How do we let new life, new knowledge, flow through us to make a new reality for ourselves and our societies? How do we open to the deep healing power of the heart?

Hosted by Azimat Kowalik and Hayat Krzywoblocki, the retreat is being held in the beautiful ancient city of Krakow in Poland. The group will be representing cultures, experiences and histories from many countries and we will listen deeply and learn with each other. We will make a sacred pilgrimage to Auschwitz concentration camp on Saturday afternoon, supported and guided by Hayat Krzywoblocki (Conductor in Krakow) and Lisa Malin (Shefayat of Austria). Lisa held a 6-day fasting, chanting and healing retreat in Auschwitz in 1994, and repeated this at other camps. We respect the decision of anyone who may choose not to go to the concentration camp.

Read what Murshid and Pir Zia have written on this theme.

Retreat for healing at Ravensbruck former concentration camp with Lisa Malin on the right

The Sufi Healing Order International Retreats

Every year, Healing Order members and guests gather from all over Europe to share inspiration and deepen our attunement and healing practice together. Each year we meet in a different country, and choose a special theme to reflect the growing ‘edge’ of our group consciousness and dedication. Guiding and leading sessions is shared by many experienced members. Part of the time we will be in silence.

We invite you to join us.

Conductors Day 19 June

An intensive day for training and sharing of experience, to support our attunement and development, and deepen teaching resources for the year. For Conductors and trainee Conductors.

The retreat guides and teachers

Sarida Brown, the international leader of the SHO, Azimat Kowalik, Hayat Krzywoblocki, Lisa Malin, Rahima van Hattem, Noor Hervot, Inger Mundt, Arjunada Vitos, Latifa Weiss and other SHO leaders.

Those invited to attend

The Retreat is for all members of the SHO and those seeking SHO initiation, and members of the SO. If you would like to come but are not a member of the SHO or SO, please ask the Shefayat or SHO co-ordinator of your country.

Optional post-retreat visiting in and around Krakow

You are invited to stay for Monday and Tuesday 23-24 June when Hayat and a specially knowledgeable guide will take us to visit places of special interest, including old Krakow, Krakow Castle with its healing energies, a beautiful salt mine; people might also make arrangements to visit the Black Madonna of Czestochowa (travel is 3 hours each way from Krakow). Find out About Krakow.